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    Anyone jumping over from MEWE??

    If you’re jumping over from MEWE let us know. I’d like this forum to get back to the way it was a few years ago. We had many members from around the state and we were very active. Let get there again!
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    Several Firearms for sale

    Yeah it seems you’re correct. I have listed other places as well. Good luck with yours
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    Several Firearms for sale

    Pics available via text
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    Several Firearms for sale

    All sold
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    Mosin Nagant Chinese Type 53

    Very nice
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    Old member making a comeback

    Thanks Mark
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    Spread the word!!!!!

    Hey guys, a few years ago this was an awesome forum, we had members that posted almost daily, we had meet up & let’s not forget shootzenfest. I know I’m guilty of dropping off the forum myself for reasons I’ll not mention. But we can bring the forum back to life. Let’s tell our friends and even...
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    Old member making a comeback

    Hey gang I have been a member here for several years but kinda got sidetracked for a while but I’m back. I hope I can make a contribution to the group by sharing my knowledge and experience. And I hope to learn from you guys as well.
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    Fobus holsters

    I have two fobus holsters for sale. They are new and unused. One is a paddle holster & the other is for a belt. Models RU101bh & RU101PH They fit several revolvers including Ruger LCR , SP101, Charter Arms Mag Pug and others. $12 each or both for $20 In Summerville SC
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    Looking for help on worth of a shotgun

    Hey Steve, it’s good to hear from ya. What’s the model number on that shotgun?
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    Hi There

    Yes it’s good and I have missed you guys!
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    Swap meet in Summerville

    Hey Gang Swap meet in Summerville SC June 10 2017 9:30 am until ? 103 Markie Rd Summerville Hunting, shooting, reloading, fishing,& other stuff. Bring your stuff to swap or sell and cash to buy more. Bring a table and your friends.
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    We're Back! Merry Christmas!

    Wow! I was afraid it was gone forever
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    Merry Christmas to PSF Members

    Merry Christmas to you all.
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    residence permission

    Asking is paramount. When permission is granted advise the homeowner that you'll be carrying all the time.
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    Summer reading

    One second after is a great read I keep it on my I phone to re-read when I'm waiting someplace.
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    Summer reading

    UN INTENDED CONSEQUENCES by John Ross If you are a gun guy this book will entertain and astound you.
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    Swap and Shoot This Saturday

    I had a good time today Thanks to Dave for hosting Thanks to Steve for bringing the non glocks :lol: