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  1. nightstryke

    Palmetto State Armory The Gathering

    Is anyone thinking about going? I am. Here's info on it.
  2. nightstryke

    Anyone jumping over from MEWE??

    Not really, mewe's started doing the same thing that facebook has so there's no point.
  3. nightstryke

    Sticky about Shipping and FTF Transfers

    This needs to be updated. As of late last year FedEx has disallowed for Non-Licensees to ship Firearms regardless of if they're shipping to an FFL. They require all those wanting to ship Firearms through them to be an FFL. Source:
  4. nightstryke

    Ruger LCR

    Let us know how it shoots!
  5. nightstryke

    Men's Pants Pockets

    Forever in the pursuit of pants!
  6. nightstryke

    Men's Pants Pockets

    Waay before my time!
  7. nightstryke

    Mosin Nagant Chinese Type 53

    So this is the Mosin Nagant Chinese Type 53 I got off of rotarymike a while back, I was able to source a nice Russian M44 Stock and Handguard, fits like a glove! I did replace the firing pin spring to make the bolt easier to function, the bolt was a pain to open with the old firing pin spring, I...
  8. nightstryke

    Men's Pants Pockets

    Do you remember when they made Jeans to fit Men? and not Anorexic Cheerleaders *cough* Skinny Jeans for "Men" *cough*
  9. nightstryke

    Armslist gone to crap

    I hate to say this, but this is the common theme here in South Carolina. I've looked in other States and in other States Armslist can be good or the same as SC, but there seems to be something about SC where all the Gun Owners think they have Gold when it's only Brass.
  10. nightstryke

    Comparing Budget Rimfire SA Revolvers

    I'm going to buy a Rough Rider myself soon, I like the Wrangler, but every time I go to buy one it ends up being twice the price of the Heritage and yeah the Heritage is rough around the edges, but I've heard nothing but good things about them so I'd imagine you can't go wrong with either choice.
  11. nightstryke

    Garand Build

    It happens sporadically so just keep looking, if something pops up get your paperwork done and in fast.
  12. nightstryke

    First Pistol

    Only doing Private Party you miss out on all the cool new stuff sadly. :(
  13. nightstryke

    First Pistol

    Honestly, If I were you I'd go to and buy a PSA Dagger when they're at least half the price of a Glock, but functions like one and uses the same magazines.
  14. nightstryke

    Garand Build

    Quite honestly if you want an affordable Garand go through the CMP ( Civilian Marksmanship Program - ) Try and get a Field, Rack, or Service Grade, well worth it. Right now I'm in dire need of .30-06 for my M1, the prices and scarcity have been bleak in my area.
  15. nightstryke

    Palmetto State Armory moving to West Ashley

    Might, might not, probably depends on space and permits. West Ashley is almost like Mount P and Downtown Charleston on the whole Gun thing....
  16. nightstryke

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  17. nightstryke

    Been working on an M14

  18. nightstryke

    Coyote Gun

    A lot of my friends out in Texas and in Arizona use 5.56/.223 for Coyote and it works great, honestly Coyotes aren't real big so you don't need anything larger than that. If you were hunting Elk or Bear I'd say bring a 30 caliber rifle minimum, but for Coyotes nah 5.56 or .223 is fine.
  19. nightstryke

    Garand Build

    The 308 Garands are harder to find. @Imaduckin If you want a Garand, your best bet is to do what I did and get a Field Grade or Rack Grade from the CMP. That way you're not paying $1k+ to get into a Garand. Though finding .30-06 Springfield right now is a pain in the ass, every time I go to PSA...
  20. nightstryke

    Let's see your 1911's

    ooh a PSA 1911!