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    Glock My Glock Facelift

    Dang, Ill have to say that is the most interesting glock Ive seen. That should be a great conversation piece.
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    wtb KCI - glock mags 17,18,19 (got some)

    Re: wtb KCI - glock mags 17,18,19 Dave, thanks for the link. CTD had them on sale for 9.97 came with 2 mags and a pouch.. I missed that deal, they have G19 mags still for their new price of 14.97. Still fair since it comes with a cheap pouch and 2 mags. Dirk, I also have used nothing but...
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    wtb KCI - glock mags 17,18,19 (got some)

    Looking to try out some of these mags. Figured Id ask here before I ordered some in case someone has some they are not happy with. GOT SOME
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    howdy!! from upsate

    spring shoot? Sounds good, I will have to look for info on this gathering.
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    How many carry weapons?

    3 - g19, g26 & LCP. Something for every occasion. :lol:
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    howdy!! from upsate

    :ugeek: Howdy! post #1 Now I can keep up with my shooting pals.