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    Palmetto State Armory The Gathering

    Looks to be more of a dealer/manufacturer type event. I'd consider it if it offered the individual shooter a spot on the line.
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    Standing Rib Roast holiday season sale

    Harris Teeter has them ranging in price from $7.99 to $9.99 per lb. Based on past years I'd say the HT beef is probably a bit tastier than this $5.79 stuff from Publix.
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    Standing Rib Roast holiday season sale

    FYI - Starting today Publix has theirs on sale for $5.79 lb for choice and the Angus no antibiotics grade for $8.79 lb. Pretty much every grocery store chain promotes this cut from Thanksgiving through New Years. I load the freezer every year at this time and eat rib roasts / steaks all year long.
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    Red Dots

    I run an old Aimpoint CompM2 on a 14.5" upper that is my primary "blaster" so its not going to win any accuracy wars. I can hit torso sized steel at 200 yards. I've got a 9mm upper with the same set up but that doesn't seem to apply here, no experience with them on AR10's.
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    WTT: Purging some brass in calibers I don't load

    I have the following which I assume to be once fired; 7 - 300 WSM 19 - 270 WSM 23 - 30-30 8 - 7mm X 08 18 - 7 X 57 18 - 30-40 Krag 5 - 8 X 57 Small 3"x5" bag of 357 Sig Small batch (maybe 50 pcs) of 5.7 some of these have been tumbled in walnut. Small batch (maybe 50 pcs) of 38 Super Not gonna...
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    Men's Pants Pockets

    Do you remember when jeans were made of actual cotton denim and not stretchy Spandex?
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    Old member making a comeback

    I check the boards every day! I just don't much to say since my interests center around mostly NFA stuff.
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    Husqvarna YTH2348 parts - blades, deflector shield & deck gauge wheels

    I've repurposed this lawn tractor into a red neck ATV and removed the rusted mower deck. So I have a few used parts that are still serviceable, $40.00 takes it all. 3 - high lift blades #532 18 00-54 1 - deflector shield #532 18 17-07 complete with pivot rod & spring 4 - gauge wheels #532 17...
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    Favorite Shotgun

    At some point we're going to have to get together and hit the range then you can school me on these.
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    Palmetto State Armory moving to West Ashley

    That West Ashley location will certainly be easier to get in and out of verses Summerville. My B.I.L. will have more pocket money once they move because it's soooo easy for him to stop in on his way home as they live in Charleston National.
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    Ammo Pricing Fall

    AFAIK Chinese ammo is still banned from importation, this dates back to the 1994 legislation by Clinton.
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    Red dots

    @rum4 I can tell you that the FNX45 Tactical is my favorite CF suppressor host. It's big and bulky but if you have larger hands / longer fingers its comfortable. Pretty sure Paco would state the same and IIRC his was the first example I ever shot.
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    I'm in once the weather turns a bit cooler.
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    wanted mini 30 or mini 14 in good condition

    You would be correct.
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    wanted mini 30 or mini 14 in good condition

    I know where a SS Mini 14 with a folder is but you probably won't like the price.
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    Corrosive small pistol primers

    Full disclosure - I believe these to be corrosive so understand the cleaning regiment required after shooting any ammo loaded with them. 3K available at $20.00 per thousand, no shipping, FTF & cash only, you come to me.
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    SOLD: Radway 223 / 5.56 ammo, 720 rd can

    This Nato spec ammo with a date code of 91, it is loose in an ammo can with a label stating SS109. Most but not all rounds are on stripper clips, 4 rds per clip. $500 for the can of 720 rds. I have not counted them but it appears full and should be an accurate count. FTF in the Charleston area -...
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    Trade large pistol for small primers

    How many are you looking for?
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    Please close - WTB: small amount of .380ACP for testing

    Mike if you're still looking for this I can probably spare 10 to 15 rds. It's pretty old FMJ ammo that my father gave me a while back.