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    has anybody ran this brand? bought them for a cz and wondering if any good
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    Red Dots

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    Red Dots

    for those of you that run red dots on ARs: ar15, distance you feel comfortable shooting? anyone run 1 on an ar10(308) primary or backup for scope? distance you feel comfortable shooting?
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    Coyote Gun

    thanks, i guess it will be the 223 or 6mm she needs a pair ear muffs
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    Coyote Gun

    Will a 22mag be enough gun out to 100 to 150 yards or how far? Have 1 or 2 that are occasionally crossing the field behind my house. I was going to use a 223-bolt gun but 1 of my little dogs has ptsd & I have to go find her when its shot close to the house. (Yes, she's in the house) Then I...
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    peters 38 special

    i was given 1/2 box of Peters RUSTLESS 38 special anyone have any idea as to age? side of box has Peters Dupont Rustless ammunition if the box was in good shape it would probably be worth a couple bucks.
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    Leavin northam behind

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    ar15 new build

    well problem resolved. yall did good. it was in the gas system, tube was off to 1 side(bent I guess?) i need to do a better job checking on the next build. had to sand the tube & repair the gas port on the bcg. all's well now, ran 2 mags thru it & all went well. thanks again
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    ar15 new build

    will check that 1st in the next few days, thanks
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    ar15 new build

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    ar15 new build

    are you talking about in the lower? I have changed the complete lower, same result
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    ar15 new build

    have tried different ammo, bcg, I guess next will be checking gas block & removing barrel.
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    ar15 new build

    I am new to building ARs. Have no problem with lowers.(so far). my 2nd upper build will not complete the cycle. does all of the cycle except for the last 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch. any idea as to the problem so i know what to look for? the lower runs fine with other uppers.
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    Surviving Coronavirus

    I wish people would go back to work, I work at convince center(garbage disposal) & 40% more people coming in. people are staying at home & cleaning up. people are hanging out talking & visiting with each other. most don't know what social distancing means, need to put up signs to stay away from...
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    Hi. New from myrtle beach

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    H3206 Assault weapon ban magazine ban AR parts ban!!!

    i think a lot of people think because we have republicans in Columbia they dont have worry, what we have is a bunch of rinos who are after power & not worried about the state or people.
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    22lr CCI Blazer

    has anyone shot much of it? Is it good bad or just ok? what did you shoot it in revolver, semi auto hand gun, semi auto rifle or bolt gun?
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    Been a while

    OK, this is my once a week where is yours? you don't want me to start posting more stupid questions
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    AK 47 People

    looked at it yesterday & it looks like an AK, except for the slots in the fore arm & the black plastic for racking the slide. made in Romania & imported by Georgia arms. neat looking, still don't want one though. should have gotten a picture
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    Favorite Shotgun

    Remington 1100, never failed me. of course can not beat the looks of my double barrel.