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    SIMS BBQ in Duncan SC My pal Chuck bought this place last summer or early fall. Family run place that's been around forever. If you're looking for some good home made BBQ this is the place to go. Be sure and tell him that I sent you; he's one of us (a gun guy) and his food is...
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    WTS SIG P6 ....SOLD!

    WTS SIG P6 $300 Now With Picks! PENDING SALE I'll take it! PM/E-mail me or something... :D
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    Greenville Gun Show March 30

    Saturday was a great show for us and Sunday was a good show. We met some folks, saw some old friends, and moved some C&R type firearms. We took in some unusual trades and bought some nice rifles as well. We took in a VG Argentine m1909 Mauser (7.65x53) and had a new home for her in under a...
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    Wanted: 7.62x54r empty sardines

    Yes. Come to my shop and take the empties away..
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    Gun Show this weekend

    I agree man - make mine decaf though, gotta keep the BP down (I hate getting old). Spartanburg is really long overdue for a decent gun show. But if there's no security, I think the risk of theft or an accidental discharge is high. At least if LE is there and you something odd you can do...
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    Gun Show this weekend

    Schultz - Next time you come to a show in SC drop by and say hi! I'd love for you to buy me a coffee (lol). Ok all kidding aside - this show rocked for us! We didn't set any records but we did move quite a few milsurps, handguns, and ammo as well. Saturday was gangbusters & Sunday was...
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    Columbia gun show

    Wellllllllllllll as luck would have it we're at this show as well, small world eh? So stop on by and see us...
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    Mosin 91/30 by the crate

    A crate is 20 m91/30's and all the accessories (slings, bayonets, and ammo pouches). Our price is $2000 plus tax! You pick the 20 rifles and accessories that you want - no hand pick fees, no junk. and no transfer fees. ALL of our milsurps have been cleaned and pass muster with no-go gauges...
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    Mosin 91/30 by the crate

    Thanks Stan! Yes, I usually have quite a few m91/30' stock, cleaned, headspaced, and ready to go!
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    Gun Show Goodies

    Awww - thanks! It was great meeting you & the husbeast (never heard that term before)? It was a pleasure to meet you both and we're glad you like your new toys! Stop by anytime and say hi. We're moving our store to 14075 E Wade Hampton Blvd in Greer (as soon as our new FFL arrives)...
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    Gun show weekend (Jamil Temple) Columbia SC

    Anybody hit the show? You could say we sold a Mosin or two? Oh yeah - come take a look at our hex receivers! We normally sell them starting @ $159 - mention this forum tomorrow ONLY and get $20 off any hex reciever m91/30! We don't have any boat anchors for sale. ALL of our milsurps have...
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    Gun show weekend (Jamil Temple) Columbia SC

    Anybody going? As usual we'll be there - so be sure and stop by and say hi! We'll be directly across the room from our pals Bob & Jason from UAG. You can't miss us!
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    Buying MilSurps

    Man as much as we'd love to do the M/B show this weekend we just can't do it. We are in the process of opening our own new store in Greer. Yes, you heard it here first, SCGUNCO is moving to our own location: 14075 E Wade Hampton Blvd. Don't know where it is? We're directly in front of...
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    A few questions about Mosin Nagants

    Is it me or what the???
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    NEW gun show next weekend in Sumter SC (Oct 8/9)
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    NEW gun show next weekend in Sumter SC (Oct 8/9)

    This is a brand new gun show put on by Mike Kent (Land of the Sky). Sumter Gun Show October 8-9, 2011 Sumter County Civic Center 700 West Liberty Street Sumter, SC 29150 Saturday 9 till 5 Sunday 10 till 4 Adults - $7 12 and under - Free 225 tables As usual...
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    Postal Worker finds gun

    Your tax dollars @ work?
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    Buying MilSurps

    Sounds good - stop by anytime! When I lived in Simpsonville I used to hit Philson's all the time - those were the days.. k31 update: I went in today and cleaned up from the gun show - the k31 is all matching w/a mirror bore. I don't know what I was thinking when I posted mismatched? I have...
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    Buying MilSurps

    Right off the top of my head I think she's a post war build and non matching rifle (stock has seen better days). But naturally the bore is mint - still very shootable. I should have some more k31's coming to the shop Tuesday or Wedsneday? I even have headspace gauges in 7.5x55! Address...
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    Buying MilSurps

    Shoot man - next time just stop by and introduce yourself & we'll take it from there! We moved some MN's this weekend and a couple of k98's as well so it was a good weekend. I did buy a MINT all matching 1908 m96 and a beater k31. I may as well hit the range this week, right?