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    Let's see your 1911's

    Looks very good! I love the GI look.
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    Hey Y'all

    Just realized this place was back. I am in WNC now.
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    Cheaper Than Dirt.Com Not Selling Guns

    To hell with CTD. And it is not. They are now gouging ammo prices. 20 Bucks for a box of 762 that was 650 yesterday. Do no shop at CTD!
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    Directions to Philson Crossroads Rifle Range

    Got some bad news guys. A family situation has come up and I will not be able to attend. I feel so bad about this, Hope to see everyone in the spring. Lafayette
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    Fall ShootzenFest! December 1st 2012

    Now, now, we do not need to hear about any kinky stuff :P :P
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    Political Discussions . . .

    Uh.... What are y'all talkin bout= Was there an election or sumpin?
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    ShootzenFest head count

    I will be there and am bring one friend size large
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    feels like trouble brewing

    This is all just chest pounding by butt hurt people who will not accept their side lost the election. This is just petitions by people on a web site. When a State legislature passes and ratifies a sucession bill, then we will have something to talk about. This will be tested again: SCOUS...
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    Pistol storage in Car ... e_Box.html I am considering one of these for the car. I dont want to have to worry about leaving a pistol in the car. And I want something is dumbarse, smash and dash proff. Something I can attatch to the center counsol or overhead? Anyone else got...
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    Fall ShootzenFest! December 1st 2012

    One or two. Any specific Manfacture ya wanta shoot :)
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    Fall ShootzenFest! December 1st 2012

    I can bring a M1 carbine. Be sure to give me a reminder closer to the date.
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    Fall ShootzenFest! December 1st 2012

    We would never want to tell anyone who is not in our group what that can do at the public range. I was only talking about Us. If someone else wants to shoot then more power to them. Of course, if we were to invite a guest at another table to shoot a suppressed Uzi without contributing ammo...
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    Fall ShootzenFest! December 1st 2012

    Since this will be an all day event - I wonder if we could schedule an hour or at least 30 min for suppressor fire only?
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    Fall ShootzenFest! December 1st 2012

    I know where you can get one and the price is right! And its all shinny and Pretty! How about a little Bling?
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    Calibers for Fall Shootzenfest

    Bring 45acp for the Thompson FMJ factory only & the Reising & Mac Bring 9mm for the Uzi FMJ factory 7.62 for the sks