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    Will I be denied cwp in sc?

    How did things work out?
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    I can carry now.

    No, it is Jeff. But Happy Birthday anyway!
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    S308 Passes!

    Has this been signed yet?
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    I can carry now.

    Congrats on getting your CCW! Also, Happy Birthday from someone who shares your birthday!
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    A little love for the old Model 60

    I love my Marlin 60 too! I still put more rounds through it than any other gun on an average range trip. Mine was built in 1987 and is still going strong.
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    Black Rifles AK 47

    The special mags are a drawback but from what I have read they are not that expensive. Also this deal includes 5 of the 30 round mags.
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    Black Rifles AK 47

    The fact that it was not a stamped receiver was something that I liked about it too... Thanks for the input.
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    Black Rifles AK 47

    Not an AK I realize, but does anyone know much about this VZ2008? When I look up reviews online they are pretty consistently positive. I am thinking about trying one of them... ...
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    Gripe, and curiosity seekers

    P.S. I actually was amused by the quote. I thought that it was pretty funny but maybe just not appropriate here. -Jeff
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    Gripe, and curiosity seekers

    So I am just curious Avtomat-Acolyte, do you find it a tremendous burden to be right all of the time? It must be really taxing to have to deal with the rest of us that can't seem to understand what it is like to be infallible :roll: All that was asked was for everyone to please keep the...
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    Waiting period

    On their facebook page this Thursday Crossbreed posted "Just started shipping April 2nd. Thanks again for your patience, we do appreciate it." I hope this helps! Good luck! -Jeff
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    Shootzenfest 2013

    We had a great time as usual. Thanks to Clicker for once again hooking up Joshua with some full auto fun, I know that he had a blast! I also thought that the 30-06 and .223 single shot pistols were a blast, thanks so much for sharing those with us! Already looking forward to Fall! -Jeff
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    Advanced Carry & Concealment course

    I did enjoy it - had a great day! Was taught some new skills and we got to practice them on their ranges. It would be impossible to set up & perform some of the skills @ any of the local ranges here in the Low Country. We also had Cliff Walsh (Top Shot season 3 contestant & former world...
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    Memorial Day Thank You

    Here, here! Well put MCA! Many thanks to all from my family as well. Please know that you are in my prayers. -Jeff
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    Advanced Carry & Concealment course

    I am going to take this course tomorrow. ... Itemid=140 Has anyone here ever taken it? I am really looking forward to it! -Jeff