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    Red dots

    CWP is one and done. I won't be needing it again. Plus, I'd been carrying daily since he was in diapers. I didn't take anything too seriously that day.
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    Red dots

    For those of us with older eyes, I consider red dots to be a Godsend, whether it projects a beam on the target or just an image like an RMR. It allows you to focus your eyes on the target instead of the front sight blade. My CWP instructor was very derogatory about them but he was in his...
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    SC Constitutional Carry and Open Carry

    An improvement would be Constitutional Carry which again was allowed to die in Senate committee without hearings despite being passed by the House. Fortunately an ammendment was proposed to Open Carry which would have made the bill Constitutional Carry which forced a roll call vote. We now know...
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    State of the Forum March 2013

    I hit the site up regularly but yes, traffic is slow. It's still good to have a SC dedicated site. Adding subforums will likely turn up interest and participation a notch. Getting the word out will likely do more. One thing I do find missing on other sites both national and regional is one...
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    SC Constitutional Carry and Open Carry

    I will not give up the element of surprise by carrying openly. More correctly, being able to reverse the element of surprise. The initial advantage will always go to the one initiating action. Open Carry gives up a tactical advantage. I don't care if the anti gun folks cringe. How can they push...
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    Bulk ammo

    This is a 5-1/2 year old post and OP hasn't logged on since May 2019.
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    New Guy

    Welcome from the opposite corner of SC.
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    SC Constitutional Carry and Open Carry

    There are four Constitutional Carry bills introduced in South Carolina, two each in each chamber. All four versions legalize open carry, require reciprocity with licenses from every state and appear to rescind Duty to Notify. Each was referred to the respective chamber's Committee on Judiciary...
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    New Member

    Welcome to the Palmetto state from upstate SC.
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    Private Handgun Purchase from out of state question

    Just make sure your FFL will accept a firearm shipped from a private party first. Some may only accept firearm shipments from their distributors or other FFLs, especially if no arrangements have been made ahead of time.
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    new member...

    Welcome neighbor from Pickens County.
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    One Carolina to the Other

    Welcome to the Carolina without PPP.
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    What should I be paying

    Normal prices for most common rifle powders run between $28-33. Once in a while you find a sale that lowers the cost. More frequently it will be free or reduced shipping costs or waived Hazmat fees that make something a deal too good to pass up. Unfortunately, these are not normal times, but...
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    What should I be paying

    I listed an 8lb jug of H4350 (not here) for $300 and got flamed for price gouging even though I pointed out the same item had multiple listings on GB that had bid up to $500. To be fair, I only listed a cash price because site rules required it and clearly stated that my preference was an even...
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    Sticky about Shipping and FTF Transfers

    Call or visit the preferred NC FFL and ask if that is legal (pretty sure it is but safer to check) and will they do it. Firearm goes in then out of his bound book as soon as the background check completes. Not completely familiar with NC laws but if he has a NC CWP, it might get to skip the...