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    An oldschool repro of mine...

    Nice hand cannon Raver, the howdah type bp pistol has been on my wish list for some time.
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    Laurens County 2nd Amendment Rally

    Laurens County 2nd Amendment Rally Monday June 3rd. 7:00 PM Capitol Theater on the square, Laurens SC. Speakers: Senator Lee Bright Sheriff Chuck Wright Charlie Campbell, CWP Instructor Senator Danny Verdin Rep. Mike Pitts Rep. Mark Willis 6:00 PM Vendors & Protest Bring your...
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    Upstate ranges targeted by thieves.

    I was just informed by a local deputy that there has been thefts of guns & gear at Philsons crossroads and Newberry public ranges. Posing as fellow shooters they wait for the victims to go downrange to check targets, then stealing whatever they can from the bench. They have also B&E vehicles in...
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    Wet Gun

    Glock sells a part called a "Maritime spring cup" that actually increases the reliabilty of a Glock that has been submerged. ... nfo/G3073/ Standard spring cups are solid and will compress the water that may infiltrate the striker channel in the slide...
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    +1 for qwikshot

    Smooth transaction, deal with confidence. Thanks again
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    New range in the upstate

    This range opened on May 6, it is 8 miles out of Cross Hill, SC on 560 near the intersection with 56 on the Belfast WMA. NRA funded this project, it is very nice. The range is part of the 4,664-acre Belfast WMA tract on the border of Laurens and Newberry counties that formerly belonged to...
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    Man you tactical shotgun geeks disappoint me!

    It is fugly. This thing will handle well in tight places. The feature I like the most about it is the ablity to select between mag tubes by flipping a switch, leaving the switch in between allows the shooter to cut off both mag tubes to allow the loading of a specialty round like a breacher...
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    Subsonic .22's

    I have not seen much accuracy out of any of my 22's with the SSS. However it does much better out of my AR with the 22 conversion installed, I suspect the 60 gr is more suited to the faster twist.
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    Fall ShootzenFest!

    :lol: looks like he is waiting for a beer and a honeybun.
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    LED tactical flashlights and high power green laser for sale

    I put a green laser on my AR pistol and have been very pleased with the results, accurate fire from the hip in daylight is a piece of cake.
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    Sights on a 1911

    Frost, you can call Brownells andask to speak with one of the techs. Describe to them what your looking for and they will give you some advice on whether they have a product that will fufill your requirements. I found that all the options the have to be confusing, when I called they were very...
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    Fall ShootzenFest!

    I hate to miss the shoot, but bear season trumps the fest.
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    Pastor Terry Jones vows to hold national Koran burning event

    +1 I don't care if they burn Korans. It does bother me how the media is making it into a bigger deal than it realy is. Its wasting airtime they could be using much more productivly.
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    Good Evening Ya'll

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    S&W Nightguard 310

    I try not to make a habit of talking to myself, I will make an exception in this case. Even though this info is for 38/357 it should apply to 40/10mm, going from this there is a difference even with the short barrel.