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    Hello from North Charleston

    Welcome to The Forum from the Low Country. Dave
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    New from Lexington

    Welcome to The Forum. Dave
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    Range day packing list

    Yippee!! Another .327 Mag. fan.
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    Getting the .357 bug

    I have a 4” S&W 686+ that fills all my needs for .357 except for the Single Action I purchased after being influenced by Crunchy Frog’s videos.
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    New guy from Summerville

    Welcome to The Forum! Dave
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    Pistol Caliber Carbines

    Gotta get use to the new format. The Ruger PCC9. First shots today. Very happy with it. Used SR9 mags but will switch out Mag adapter for Glock’s next time out. No FTF’s or jams with 100 rounds of filthy Remington Green box, Gold Dot, Barnes and Winchester Self-defense Ammo. Keeping an 8” gong...
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    Pistol Caliber Carbines

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    Hey everyone...

    Long time no see or hear, STEVE. Glad to know you’re doing well. Hope the family is doing well, also. Lot has changed since you been gone. Hello to everyone else!! Dave
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    How are you doing Raver?

    How are you doing Raver?
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    Anyone heard from dave29461?

    We have been in the new house and I'm adjusting. We have been very busy. Got a Grandson on the way and nursing my wife through a hip replacement. She is doing great. I lost a lot of phone numbers due to computer/iPhone problems. Decided to see if the Forum was still viable. I'll PM my number to you.
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    We're Back! Merry Christmas!

    Clicker, Glad to see you on here. Dave
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    We're Back! Merry Christmas!

    Hi Chris, Long time no see. Hope all is well with you and your's. Dave
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    We're Back! Merry Christmas!

    Glad to see it up and running. Been quite a while since I've seen some of these handles.:-)
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    New forum member

    Welcome to the Forum Dave