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    hi-point hand guns

    My name is Rob... and I was a Hi-Point owner.... wow, it feels good to admit that and get it off your chest... Several years ago, I was almost a victim to an crack'head enraged break in at 2AM. The next day I bought my first hand gun... a hi-point. I knew nothing about them or anything, but...
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    Rock Hill FNG signed up

    CU = Clemson University... CUrob was my AIM name way back when, now I just use it for everything else too.
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    Rock Hill FNG signed up

    Hello world. Found you guys through a sig link on the Carolina forum, so figured I would check it out and sign up to help promote growth. About me... Live in Rock Thrill, moved up from G'town on the coast over 4 years ago... Been shooting since scouts... New C&R owner... Filling up my 14 gun...
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    In Rock Hill

    I 2nd Maddog... Bats BBQ was great. went there tonight with the wife. We both had the BBQ tacos, she got the Mac & Cheese (smooth and creamy) and I got the Sweet Potato Fries (great, medium cut, not shoe string). We also shared a basket of fried pickles (chips), which rock! Great local...