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    .223 reloading supplies- at a bargain!

    At one time I thought for sure that I would get into loading .223 ammo for my AR's, but I just don't shoot them that much. Consequently, I have pretty much stuck with reloading for my pistol calibers only and have a lot of supplies that I don't need. What I have for sale is 4,000 Winchester...
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    Large Ammo boxes

    I have for sale two large wooden ammo boxes; each measures 46" long by 14" wide and 8" deep. They are in good to very good condition with the wood being appropriately weathered but in very good shape. Also for sale is a large metal ammo can. The can measures 12" by 6" and is 32" long. $30...
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    HK 91 For Sale

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    HK 91 For Sale

    I'm not positive as to exactly what you're referring to, but if it's pictures #2 and #3, which shows the ejection port, you're seeing the bolt assembly which doesn't actually have any discoloration on it, but does look somewhat brown in the photo.
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    Remington 592 5mm magnum w/UTG scope + ammo

    I've been hanging on to this Remington 5mm magnum for many years now. First purchased it in about '72-'73 and used it extensively squirrel hunting in the mid-70's. In my opinion this is the finest rim-fire cartridge ever made. Made by Remington to compete with the Winchester .22 magnum, the...
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    HK 91 For Sale

    No “clone” here; up for sale is the real deal, my HK 91, date code IA (1980). It has the black A2 stock configuration, with an E&L Mfg Co buttstock extention on it. This adds about an inch over the standard stock. Forearm is the “wide” type and has the built-in bi-pod. Will come with a carry...
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    Sold*****Two Black Leather Motorcycle Jackets

    SOLDI have for sale two riding coats. The first does not have the size marked but I would guess that it's about 44 based on how it fits. The brand is Open Road by Wilson and it's a heavy duty, lined coat with 4 zippered front pockets and an inside vest pocket. This is a permanently lined coat...