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    FS: Ruger SR1911 - SOLD

    FS: Ruger SR1911 Any trades Larry?
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    Member selling silver coins

    They went right after you declined.
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    Looks like spam without pricing.
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    Complete AR15 .22lr Chiappa/ATI

    Did you decide on mine that you inquired about?
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    WTS/WTT Custom Hybrid Horsehide IWB Holsters

    He said that it would be ready in two weeks.
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    WTS/WTT Custom Hybrid Horsehide IWB Holsters

    Sure, go to
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    WTS/WTT Custom Hybrid Horsehide IWB Holsters

    I'm working on getting a mold.
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    WTB: Kydex holsters

    Actually I'm lurking here daily. If you dream it, I'll try to build it out of kydex. Send me a sketch or a pic.
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    Sold lock please. /WTS NIB Gen4 Glock 21

    I have a nib gen4 Glock 21 with 3 mags,everything that it came with, and a raven style holster that fits with or without a tlr-1. 0 rounds fired outside of the factory for anyone that doesn't know what nib means. I'm putting a $650 sale and $700 trade value obo. Trades I'm looking for not in...
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    LC 556

    I going to close this I would have to have too much out of it if I did the trade.
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    LC 556

    Anyone interested in an 840 round can of LC 556 55gr? I might be trading into it and it's not needed. If this is the wrong area mods please move.
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    WTB/WTT M&P 9mm mag have ar15 mags

    I'm looking for an m&p 9mm mag. I can either buy or trade for it. I have ar mags Glock mags reloading components, lead, or I can build you something out of kydex or a holster. Either hybrid or all kydex.
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    Cheaper ammo

    Check this link for normal price ammo. ... on-Pricing
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    WTS/WTT Custom Hybrid Horsehide IWB Holsters

    Guys I have a ton of holsters made up and ready to ship ASAP.