YouTube Videos from Upstate Cowboy Action Matches

Some videos from today's match in Belton; this is a new fellow shooting his first full match:

The next two show different shooters on the same stage; the first shooter is using reproductions of S&W Schofield revolvers:

This shooter is in the Gunfighter category so shoots both revolvers at once:

Finally, this is one of our more experienced shooters; he uses a Winchester 1897 pump shotgun:

During the Summer months, most clubs relax the costuming requirements.
I was not able to shoot the Greenville Gunfighters' July match and so missed the "debut" of a new moving target that I understand proved to be quite challenging, even more so than the Texas Star. Here is a link to one of our top lady shooters facing off with this contraption:

Rumor has it that other disciplines may be using this "pinwheel o' death". Why should the cowboys bear all of the pain?

We are fortunate to have match directors who are striving to deliver good experiences for the customers.
Here are a couple of videos from last Saturday's Belton match; the first is fellow Gunfighter "Old Man Winter".

The second is a lady shooter "Slabtown Sadie"; she painted several of the props including the horse that you see at the start.

Nice shooting! opening up off hand :)
That's what we call a "split pistol stage" since you fire five pistol shots, then you have to shoot another gun (in this case rifle and shotgun) before shooting five more pistol shots. I'm shooting in the Gunfighter category which means I have to shoot five rounds from the left pistol (unsupported) and five from the right. The rules also don't let me (intentionally) holster a pistol and then draw and shoot it again. On a split pistol stage I either have to draw both revolvers, shoot five rounds, set them down to shoot the long guns and then pick up the revolvers again (which is a lot of unnecessary motion) or draw and shoot the revolvers one at a time in what we call "double duelist" style. The latter is what I did here. I have a tendency to miss with the left pistol if I try to go too fast; I had a "clean match" going that day and I think this was our last stage so I took my time on this one. Not that I ever shoot real fast.
Forgot that I had one more video, this one is me shooting a pretty typical stage. The rifle sequence is what we call a "progressive sweep" aka "Lawrence Welk sweep". I like the prop horse used as a platform for staging long guns. We put it on the edge of the bay, facing a side berm; that allows some downrange movement without putting yourself in front of a muzzle.

A couple of videos from the Greenville match in September; the first is one of our newer shooter, Hare Trigger.

Next up is a lady black powder shooter, Kay Sadeeya; her rifle is a Uberti 1866 in .32-20, which was a popular rifle and pistol cartridge in the 19th Century. Pretty cool.