Show us those rifles!

Discussion in 'Longarms' started by Schultz, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Liquid__Mirage

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    A few more customer jobs, nice Kryptek Yeti Hydrodip:



    and a before and after on one of our personal long guns:

  2. PapaBear

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    Liquid Mirage dipped my AR10 as well.

  3. Liquid__Mirage

    Liquid__Mirage New Member

  4. Frost

    Frost Administrator

    Nice looking guns.
    I am going to call Pops this morning and see if he has contacted you.
    If not I will light a fire under him.
  5. ramsey88

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    Picked one of these up for my little girl (for when she's older) plus we've been wanting a reliable .22 for a while. Its the "collector's series" so it came with a cool bumpber sticker, pin, sign, and a copy of the original 1964 ad for the 10/22!

  6. mightymouse

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    Custom Mauser in .243 Win. by Aiken, S.C. gunsmith J.E. Moates. Any info on Mr. Moates and/or his rfiles will be appreciated.
  7. TheGriff

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    Just finished building this.
  8. Geezer

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    My saddle ring Winchester 94.