Range time

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by P-1, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. PapaBear

    PapaBear Member

    Some back yard range time yesterday. The CZ is DONE finally!

  2. Dayman

    Dayman Member


    Took a nice walk up to one of my favorite places I used to shoot at growing up. Helped my buddy with traing his lab. Good times :cool:
  3. Jay90

    Jay90 New Member

    Glad to see this thread. I am shooting almost every weekend usually alone, friends aren't big shooters. I Mostly shoot black rifles run'n guning on my range in lugoff or at psa. Would be cool to meet up for some range time. I'll be shooting today and Sunday if weather is clear. Pm me. Thanks! :D
  4. BenMara

    BenMara Member

    Leaving for Boggy Head in an Hour and Half. Such a short notice since i dont frequent here...
  5. rotarymike

    rotarymike New Member

    Leaving to PGC for steel challenge in 10 minutes. Got some friends headed to twin ponds - look for a group of vets with a whole mishmash of guns.
  6. BenMara

    BenMara Member

    Thought they closed twin ponds for the "NRA" special shooting range
  7. P-1

    P-1 New Member

    Going to boggy head in the am. Making sure rifles are sighted in. If you are heading that direction, just post.
  8. BenMara

    BenMara Member

    Had a great time Ringing out 2016 event boy was it packed... cant wait for Twin Ponds to open.... Tkx to those came by lol
  9. BenMara

    BenMara Member

    I ended up in a few vids... or should i say a few of my toys did..

  10. Clicker

    Clicker Member

    We're getting the band back together!

    Boggy Head mid morning Feb 5th.
  11. BenMara

    BenMara Member

    Should have just called or texted me sorry... missed you

    And i now have the kriss with can
  12. Clicker

    Clicker Member

    Made up for my Feb no phone call Fubar today.
    We had great time with Ben & M16 maniac as we entertained a visitor from New York city!
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  13. M16MANIAC

    M16MANIAC Member

    Which is more fun to shoot M16 - MP5 - full auto 22?

    The one in your hand with a loaded mag:D

    Shot all three so I didn't have to decide.
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  14. Dave 3rd Saturday of may we are going to try to get a shoot together.
  15. Clicker

    Clicker Member

    I'll get started loading more ammo then!
    If I can get some things finished on my "honey do list" I'll be there.
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  16. BenMara

    BenMara Member

    Great time... it was awesome watching everyone enjoy the firearms.... im guessing the kriss suppressed was a hit?
  17. BenMara

    BenMara Member

    Anyone wanna hit the range?
  18. Blackbeard

    Blackbeard Administrator Staff Member

    I wouldn't mind setting aside some time, and driving down your way.
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