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Discussion in 'Builders' started by SPARC, May 29, 2015.

  1. SPARC

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    I'm working on a custom Savage build and would like to have the stock hydro dipped after I finish with the pillar and bedding job. It's a black Boyd's Pro Varmint that comes with a slightly textured finish and I would like to have it dipped in Kryptek's Camo Nomad or Typhon. Is there anyone around the Summerville area that can dip a stock in this pattern? I should be done with my end of the work by the end of next week and could drop it off for a few days if needed.

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    Have you checked with Liquid Mirage? They are on 17A between Summerville and Moncks Corner. They do dipping and cerakoting, not sure if they have your specific pattern or not. They are also a forum sponsor.
  3. bigfutz

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    Speaking of dipping, does anyone know who used to do it through Gunslingers Pawn in Mauldin?
  4. SPARC

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    I actually sent Liquid Mirage a request through their website but I haven't heard anything from them. They've done the pattern on other customers guns so I'll probably give them a call on Monday if I don't hear back from them.

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    Liquid Mirage has closed up shop.

    I contacted them to fix an issue on my AR10 they dipped. The clear is coming off of the cheek rest on my PRS stock. They are closing and cannot fix my issue......pretty bummed about that.

    I do not know of anyone else around doing guns......
  6. SPARC

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    Thanks for the update PapaBear. I can end the stock out and have it done, but I was hoping to find someone local to do it for me. I think that D&R does dipping but I'm not sure if they can do the pattern I'm looking for.
  7. Clicker

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    If Rich at D&R can't help try Brandon Askins at Lowcountry Hydroprint (843) 580-2281
    He's done a couple of things for me.