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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by TheSwampFox, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. TheSwampFox

    TheSwampFox New Member

    First kid on my block to own the new Glock 43. I'm excited to take it to the range and run it next to my XDs and LC9. My buddy is going to let me borrow his shield too for a comparison. With any luck it will perform like every other Glock I own. I know they are late to the pocket 9 game but what can I say, I like pocket 9's. :D
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  2. Midnight Raver

    Midnight Raver New Member

    Nice, bet they'll sell like hotcakes! :mrgreen:
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  3. TheSwampFox

    TheSwampFox New Member

    Got out to the range today and I am happy to say the Glock performed just like a Glock. I like it better than the LC9 and about equal to the XDs. I didn't get to try out the shield but I imagine it would be comparable. Overall I am happy with my purchase and would recommend one to anyone on the fence about getting one.
  4. Tigerstripe

    Tigerstripe New Member

    I have a Shield. with the extended mag it fits me well.

    i picked up a Glock 43 at the show today and it doesnt fit. my little finger just wont fit on the mag.
  5. Midnight Raver

    Midnight Raver New Member

    Then show some class and lift your little pinkie like you were having tea at the mansion. :p

    Just kidding Tigerstripe. Glock or somebody will probably come out with an extended magazine for the 43 too. Does your Shield fit your hand ok with a regular magazine?
  6. Tigerstripe

    Tigerstripe New Member

    nope. pinky has nowhere to go without the extended mag.
  7. Midnight Raver

    Midnight Raver New Member

    Well, I'm sure there will be a magazine like that for the Glock 43 in the not too distant future. ;)
  8. PapaBear

    PapaBear Member

    Taran Tactical posted some 43 pics with +1 and +2 base pads installed. They looked nice.

    For me, for the price of what the 43 is commanding right now, there's no way in hell that I would pay that kind of money for a 6 round 9mm handgun.

    PSA put on their FB page they had some in stock. I questioned price and they responded $579.99. That's insanity.

    Some FFL holders on the FFL only FB page say they are getting $800 a piece for them regularly on gunbroker.

    Glock released their MAP for the 43 and it's $449. Wonder how they feel about PSA and the like raping people on them. My cost on one (if they would allocate me one/some is under $400) That's a helluva profit margin on gunbroker. But people pay stupid prices, which means I can't get one yet.
  9. TheSwampFox

    TheSwampFox New Member

    My 43 came with one flush mag and one +0 extended mag. I agree about the pinky. I like shooting the extended mag much more but its what I've come to expect from the pocket 9 family. The LC9 and XDs are the same way. I'd like to get an extension for the other mag but I'm waiting to find one that will add a round or two.

    PSA's price is rediculous. I didn't pay anywhere near that for mine. In fact PSA has been unreasknable with thier prices on a lot of things lately. They didnt hesitate to start gouging on green tip ammo. It helps to have friend in the industry that doesn't want to screw you over. I've seen places like buds taking preorders in the mid $400's. I think a year from now they will be widely available in the neighborhood of $425.
  10. bigfutz

    bigfutz Active Member

    Have you tried the Kahr CW not CM? It has a longer grip with pinky room.
  11. Tigerstripe

    Tigerstripe New Member

    i may have tried them before i bought my Shield.

    i just switched to carring my Officers model 45, for now.

    i got a holster for the 1911s at the gun show. ill post a pic. the holster maker lives in NC. they were $35 at the show.
  12. kg4kpg

    kg4kpg Member

    image1.JPG Love my 43, great gun that I got a couple years ago. This past weekend I added a G36. I wanted a 1911 but just didn't have the budget for one. Here's a pic of my 43 and 36 together.
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  13. BlackEyes

    BlackEyes New Member

    How does it compare to other firearms the the glock 36 ?
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  14. Geezer

    Geezer Member

    I got a Glock 43 about a year ago and was pleased and excited that I could shoot it as well as my G17 and G19. I got me a holster and carried it every day for several months. One day I realized that I could carry my G19 just as easily and have about 10 more rounds. I have gone back to carrying my G19 and don't really see a need for the G43. If I need a smaller gun I have J frame revolvers for that.
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