Deer season 2017

Discussion in 'Hunting Tips and Tricks' started by Dayman, Jun 14, 2017.

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    Well I guess it's not to early to start one of my favorite topics. For those who hit the ol' deer woods. What are you shooting this year? Hunting public or private? Food plots are started I assume. In state or out? low, mid, or upstate?

    I have made a big commitment to archery this year after I miss the biggest buck opportunity ever last season...

    I will still be trying my luck on upstate public land this year... wish me luck.

    I am also sitting on a lower for the last 4 years that I can not decide between 6.5, 6.8, or 300 black out? I have a palmetto state defense lower, palmetto state armory magpul lower kit, and anderson buffer kit... would like to build a nice pig/deer gun with a 0-150 yard max range.
  2. Dayman

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    Bush hogged the field around my stand this past weekend. We have leased a large portion of the property for corn farming and they have planted roughly 10 acres. I am expecting big things this year. 13000 acres thats correct 13000 acres of connecting property that was once public has not shut down so it may be a help or a hinderance.
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    I'd say Grendel. I'm close to finishing one now. Love Grendels. I also really want to build a .50 Beowulf. Could be a good hog blaster, or engine block buster, depending on your preferences.
    The Grendel will go to Texas for some white tail hunting this year, along with a new 6.8 SPC I'm building for my dad.