Cowboy Action in Greenville SC

Cowboy Action & Wild Bunch Action Shooting in Greenville SC

The regular match day is the 2nd Saturday so the February match will be on the 14th.

They have also been holding matches on 5th Saturdays. This coming Saturday January 31 is a 5th Saturday and they will be shooting. On 5th Saturdays participants can choose between shooting cowboy or a new game they have started called "Road to Perdition". Tommy guns and Fedoras.

Google "Belton Bushwhackers" for more info. They uploaded some "Perdition" vids to YouTube if you wanna check out dose Chicago Typewriters. Well , they are semiauto Thompsons so it's kind of a hunt and peck typewriter.
Cowboy Action & Wild Bunch Action Shooting in Greenville SC

The Greenville match will be next Sunday, February 22. Hopefully this cold snap will pass before then.

Mark your calendars!
Cowboy Action & Wild Bunch Action Shooting in Greenville SC

I just got word that the February match has been cancelled due to the weather. Somebody plug that groundhog!
Cowboy Action & Wild Bunch Action Shooting in Greenville SC

Next cowboy match is Sunday, March 22.

There are five Sundays in March; usually we have a Wild Bunch Action Shooting match on the 5th Sunday, but this month, on March 29 we are going to have (I can hardly bring myself to say it) a Three Gun match. As in "modern" 3 Gun.

What is the world coming to?

I'll show 'em; I'm bringing my 1911 and my Model 12 shotgun....(and an AR-15). May General Pershing forgive me.
Cowboy Action & Wild Bunch Action Shooting in Greenville SC

Today's weather forecast was not favorable, but a fair number of shooters showed up today. The rain stopped and we were able to complete all six stages. We had one first time shooter who had one revolver and a rifle. We loaned him the rest of the gear and he shot pretty well for his first time.

Our 5th Sunday Wild Bunch matches are no more. I understand that Columbia may offer some Wild Bunch matches and Belton may be offering Wild Bunch as an option at their occasional "Road to Perdition" matches.

I edited the topic to omit the reference to Wild Bunch in the title.
Our May monthly match is this Sunday during the Memorial Day weekend. I missed last month's match and was not able to attend the SC or GA state matches so I'm looking forward to getting back to shooting.

Come join us!
The Greenville Gunfighters will be drawin' down on some steel come Sunday.

Last match in Belton I had the pleasure of outfitting a new shooter for his first match. He's hooked!

Anyone interested in coming out this Sunday? Remember to dress warm! :D
The weather was as nice as the forecast said. We had three rather small posses so we stayed pretty busy although I made a point to take a video so I'd have something to post to YouTube and link to my "videos" thread.

A local gentleman brought his young son out to watch; I'm glad they were with us because we had a 9 year old Georgia shooter (with his dad) on our posse. Our guest stayed for the whole match, talking with us and asking questions. He had been watching some YouTube videos but said it was better in person. At the end of the match we strapped guns on him and let him shoot a stage; he's hooked!

Watching can be dangerous-to your wallet.
I've not been able to log into the forum for a while but the problem is fixed now so I'll try to post from time to time.

Our next match in Greenville is August 27. This month's Belton match was called off due to weather so I'm looking forward to "getting back in the saddle". Figuratively speaking, of course. I do know some horse owners who do Cowboy Mounted Shooting, but that's a different game altogether.
We had nice weather yesterday for late November. 26 shooters which was less than I expected but that’s a big travel weekend.

We will not have a Greenville match in December since the 4th Sunday falls on Christmas Eve.