Bump Stocks


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Now that the NRA is backing a consideration into the legality of them....are you thinking about getting one?

Personally I won't go out of my way. Most ranges won't allow rapid fire.
don't want 1, never have. to me it is unreliable & a waste of ammo. that being said, if someone wants 1 I see no problem with them having it. I fully believe in the 2nd without exceptions, NO IFS, ANDS OR BUTS
only fired 1 full auto and thought I enjoyed at the time, until I realized how much ammo & money I wasted. I liked the 3 round burst better. I think accurate is the way to go most of the time. would rather hit with a couple of shots than miss with most of the mag.
I can see why the military would need it & if we get in a shtf situation there would probably be some laying around.