.45-70 Government

Does anyone have experience with this cartridge? I'm considering adding a Henry .45-70 to my small collection.
Also, any suggestions for a firearm in this caliber other than the Henry?
I tend to look for the unusual I guns now. I have the basics - AR15, .22 rifle and pistol, 9mm, hunting rifle... I've always been fascinated by the .45-70 cartridge and in looking at a new Henry, this seems to stand out above the big boy carbines and the .30-30 and .44 magnum.
How is the recoil compared to a bolt action .30-06 or a .44 magnum rifle?
How about reloading your own?
For a rifle that mostly will be for collection and not to shoot all that much (say no more than 250 rounds per year), would you prefer the heat treated blue steel or the stainless steel model?
What about the all-weather model?
And most of all, do you think it is fun to shoot at targets (paper, metal silhouette, and so forth)?

If money were no object, I'd be looking at the Original Henry .44-40, but it's way over my budget at this time. So I'll just look at the .45-70 models.